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by editor @ on August 8, 2007

New iMac

Just got back from the Apple Store at South Coast Plaza to get my new iMac.  It’s a thing of beauty, my friends.  It’s thinner and sturdier.  I took some photos of it and posted on my other site, gadgetaholic.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the keyboard.  The feel is actually worst than the original IBM jr. chicklet keyboard (if you are even old enough to know what it is).

  • Allen Huffman

    Or a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) version 1 (chicklet keys). I need to see it up close. I still have (working) CoCos, but after the CoCo 1 even they got real keyboards 😉

  • Victor Gutierrez

    You should sell the keyboard in Ebay. You could then use the money to buy the keyboard you want (I mean, you just bought a computer, why not be 100% happy with it!). At the moment I am very jealous, but I am waiting until that puppy comes preloaded with Leopard. Then I will smile 🙂

  • fantastic, now how about some more appleTV hacks and updates?

  • Cryptnotic

    If the feel of the keyboard is like that of the Macbook keyboard, then it is not that bad. It’s not nearly as bad as the original IBM PCjr keyboard. I actually had a PCjr, though my one came with the second version of the keyboard, which was more like a soft-touch keyboard, though missing the numeric keypad. It didn’t have function keys either, you had to hold a “Fn” modifier key and use the numbers 1 through 0 to do F1 through F10. Actually, if I recall, arrow keys, insert, delete, pageup, pagedown were done with the Fn modifier as well. It was like a laptop keyboard before laptops really existed. It was actually wireless (infrared), but it didn’t work very well if the keyboard was more than a foot away from the front of the machine.

  • xSmurf

    Worst than an IBM chicklet? Are you mad, this is one of the best keyboards ever made (along with Apple’s Extended II)! THere are even companies making these in new designs ( And the company that used to make IBM’s keyboard actually still makes them. Not to mention the now famous Das Keyboard which also uses the spring mechanism. They do make a lot of noise, but they type *super* fast and are very comfortable to use!

  • Old enough to know a PCjr. keyboard?! PFF, I have one sitting in my room here 🙂 I collect old computers and laughed when I read it. If the new keyboard is anything like that, I will stick to the logitech s530 here.


  • Congrats on the new iMac! I really wouldn’t mind getting one myself, but I just purchased one of the new MacBooks last month, so it’ll be a while before my next big purchase. Bummer about the keyboard. It LOOKS really cool.

  • Ben

    Let me know if you would like to trade keyboards! Seriously. I just bought another MacPro and have a virtually brand new keyboard that came with it, it’s the current (well, up until last week) square white model w the clear base.
    Let me know, thanks!

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