Bad news, good news…

by editor @ on July 16, 2007

Yes, we knew you were expecting this. So, we’ll just going to come out and tell you.

The bad news is that the submitter of the USB patch no longer has time to work on it. We do understand since he actually has more exciting projects to work on (like iPhone hacking and stuff). Good luck, by the way.

Now comes the good news part. We know that it was no small feat working on such a patch. So we’re working on awarding the submitter anyway. With that, we are also working with him on releasing the code to the public (yes, that’s you!) so that more work can be done on it. Then, we can finally hook up that 1TB drive to our Apple TV.  Not to mention the possibility of hooking other USB devices to it like a DVD, Blu-ray or HD-DVD drive.  Sweet!

  • Kurt

    I don’t feel you should award a cash prize for something that didn’t work! That prize should be applied to some other contest. Just because you’ve been working with him and now have a personal connection that makes you not want to turn him down doesn’t mean you should pay the prize out…

    He chose to work on other projects, therefore he is choosing not to pursue the prize… This site can’t be taken seriously if you don’t follow your own contest rules…

    I’m all for the solution, but not for rewarding incomplete solutions…

  • undue

    I think the information should be released.

    The money should be given to the person whos solution meets the criteria of the contest.

  • Sorry guys, but this still says nothing about when we can expect to see something released – can you at least give us a firm time frame?

    There are many other (myself included) developers/hackers out there who may be able to take this further – or would at least like the chance to try – but without the initial piece of code, it’s all just talk.

  • LapinouUK

    I’ve got to applaud this decision, from what has been said the only flaw in the submission was a sync problem, which, to be honest is pretty trivial. We already have patchstick, and with USB support the difficult hurdles are over.

    Thank you Applenethacks for listening to the community. Look forward to seeing the hack published.

  • mbd

    It’s your prize money, do with it what you like. But, maybe you should give the guy who got most of the way half the prize money so there’s some prize (aka added incentive) left for someone to pick up and finish the job?

  • Moduz

    This is real simple. Give him a portion of the prize… you decide what that portion should be based on how much of the original requirements he met. And give the rest of the money to the person who builds on it and completes the requirements.

    But in the meantime, lets see that USB hack.

  • Spanners

    With Respect. Is there a patch? Why can’t you release it to the public domain and let the world work on it.

    Why so vauge? It really doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to put the code on the site.

    If it exists of course…

  • I’m with “Spanners” above – the whole cloak-and-dagger routine isn’t necessary…

    Just release the patch.

  • I’m with Spanners – the whole cloak-and-daggers routine isn’t necessary

    Just release the patch.

  • iMacG5

    Give him a proper proportion of the prize and move on with it.

    Then let me plug my xbox360 hd dvd player into my apple tv and watch some hd movies!

    Just a thought…..

  • spids

    “With that, we are also working with him on releasing the code to the public (yes, that’s you!) so that more work can be done on it.”

    so where’s the link to the source code?

  • ATB

    Agree with the others, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, please release the code and give the submitter part of the prize, and leave the rest for the person(s) who complete the job…

    that seems fair to everybody

  • LiquidIce

    I think your full of it. Post the code so some competent people can pick up where you left off.

  • luck

    Everyone, I do understand your frustration. I too feel that the patch should be released as soon as possible. However, there are many people involved in the decision to post the patch. If this wasn’t the case, the patch would have been posted a while back.

    I know that we probably lost a lot of credibility with the community for not releasing the patch in a timely manner. But, again, I’m doing everything I can to get this patch out.

    I have already written the instructions for the patch: what works, what doesn’t. The only thing I’m waiting for is the permission to publish it.

  • LapinouUK

    Thanks for getting back to us luck..
    fingers crossed for permission to release to come soon. I’ve got a 750GB USB drive with the AppleTV’s name on it.

  • Tux

    Hey everybody,

    I think they should give the guy the whole amount or close to the whole amount (I mean, why should he release the patch otherwise??). Those that are really desperate to get it should contribute for another prize.

    As a programmer I think that should be the best solution. Unless you want to wait until somebody else comes up with another patch.

  • roland

    If only there was a patch for an USB based DVB-C/analog tuner…. the AppleTV would be a real TV after all….

  • ryacky

    I agree, give him the prize money in exchange for the hack (it’s painful and doesn’t against the ethical principle, but if that’s what it takes to get the code….).

    I’ll contribute to a new pot as long as it requires a one click type of easy installation for computer morons like myself. This will provide incentive for him to release the code and incentives for people to finish where he left off.

  • Thomas

    Just saw this appear on the AwkwardTV Wiki…

  • LapinouUK

    Well done, you have really missed the boat here. What a complete waste of time.


  • Richard

    ‘scuse me there LapinouUK….but that has nothing to do with the bounty on this particular hack. The one over at awkward still requires that the case be cracked. This is an animal of a different breed.

  • Thomas

    Richard: guess that depends on what you mean by “crack open”.
    I do admit that a single ‘reboot-and-it-works’ approach is nicer than the one proposed on awkwardtv, but they also offer the patchstick method for “cracking open” your box without actually physically open it.
    I don’t care what options are available, as long as some do become available so it gets worth it to buy an AppleTV…

  • Richard

    Thomas…I have the apple tv and cant wait for this hack.

    I’m getting a lot of use out of it as it is but there are things that can be done that are as yet unimagined.

    It’s pretty easy to use Ripit4me on the windows partition and then Handbrake on the Mac side to make outstanding copies of movies to play on the apple tv.

    I’m currently using a 20 inch iMac…over on the bootcamp side..cabled into my plasma from the xbox360HD DVD player to play hd directly. I hate the cable and see the apple tv as the solution to this one. I know thats down the road a bit but that is where I hope this will go.

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