How ’bout them iPhones?

by editor @ on July 3, 2007


Were you one of the those waiting in the iLine to spend your iMoney on the iPhone? How do you like it? Tell us, is it worth $500 – $600 + 2-year contract? And why is it that people are paying so much for it on Ebay when they can still get one from the Apple Store and Cingular Store?

On a different note, somebody suggested a hack that would allow the Apple TV to play the media on the iPhone when they’re connected and vice versa. Would that be of interest to anyone?

Apple did file a patent for a device that can be used to control other media devices and computers. We think the patent is for the iPhone to be used as a remote controller for the Apple TV.

  • Michael Long

    Kind of hard to control the majority of other media devices without IR, isn’t it?

  • “Allow the Apple TV to play the media on the iPhone when they’re connected and vice versa.”


    (Well, I am the one who suggested it too…)

    AppleTV USB should be able to read the files off of the iPhone and play them.

    The iPhone should be able to load/unload files from AppleTV.

    Considering they are both WiFi devices – they should be able to both ‘talk’ to one another too – look mom, no wires!

    I would love the iPhone to support the Video iPod Cable too, that would be great also.

  • JJ

    >Michael Long
    >Kind of hard to control the majority of other media devices without IR, isn’t it?

    The iPhone will work via Wi-Fi, AppleTV syncs via Wi-Fi. It may just be another URL to the iPhone. Sure, electronic manufacturers need to think beyond RCA jacks and IR. HDMI, webservices, SOA….

    btw..I already use my Nokia Internet Tablet to remote control my Olive Musica and there’s no need for line of sight IR…just a “HotSpot” in my house. I’ve also been using Chicken-of-the-VNC on the MacBook to control Musica. When the iPhone arrives in 2 weeks I’ll let you know how that does.


  • T.

    Got mine Friday, the woman saw it activated Sat. AM and got hers 2 hrs later. Really no reason not to love what it can do, it does it very well. Though some folks want it to do more… depends on what you need it for.

    Obviously no IR, so depends if Apple decides to write remote controls over Wi-Fi. Most likely an httpd deamon on Apple TV with a web 2.0+AJAX Bonjour URL you can load up in Safari on iPhone would be the slick way to go… anyone wanna get working on this?

    From the iPhone hacking attempts so far, it sounds like there’s a port open on the iPhone for discovery… so guests iPhones may just show up on Apple TV to stream music/photo/video, so Apple may already have that hack in mind.

    I don’t think the iPhone will work with the video ipod cable, I didn’t think it had the chipset necessary to do NTSC video out?

  • AppleTV4Life

    That hack you suggested would ROCK. Someone with skills ? (A) ;D

  • MakeITso

    Ok – How do I get Skills? 🙂

    Any body have technical documentation of any kind on the AppleTV and/or iPhone?

    It would be great to go to your buddies place, sit your iPhone on top of his AppleTV, and have the latest movie you bought WiFi it’s way to his AppleTV – streaming playback – no copying. Pop the popcorn the show is about to start!

    For your own iPhone and your own AppleTV, using the USB Cable to
    copy, load and unload files between the two devices would be most excellent.
    (same iTunes ID, same account, so copying back and forth would be ok.)

  • Justin

    Got mine friday, love this phone well worth the 6month wait. Worried about some articles about possible heat problems killing iphones within a few days. All and all this phone is awsome, went from a moto Q from back when was a windows user till i saw the light that osx had to offer. Way better. all i have to say is come on apple/att where are the ringtones?????? (iphone tones are alright but man having to give up being able to make and use my own mp3 ringtones such a drag) apple/att should not worry over who gets to sell ringtones and give it up. Hey what about a hack to use ur own tones????? any1?????

  • Suresh Kumar

    i think Apple will allow us to control the Apple TV content from the iPhone.

    I dont see any real advantage in streaming directly from the iPhone, especially since all that content is on your primary Mac/PC.

    Its more likely that they will provide an application which allows you to control the AppleTV without needing to have your TV switched on…

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