USB Bounty: still open for entries

by editor @ on July 2, 2007

We got one entry so far as you are WELL aware. The entry sent in works in some aspects and does not in some others. We are still working with the patch submitter to get the bugs out. We can tell you this much: it is able to detect our 300gb usb drive with no problem. We are going down to Costco to pick up a 1tb western digital drive as soon as the patch works.

Almost there

In the mean time, we are still looking for more entries. So if you think you’re up for the challenge, bring it on.

And please no more bashing. Play nice now. We want this patch to work as much as you do.

  • Maraklov

    so does the patch at present only use the attached hard disk rather than internal+external drives?

  • Can you be a bit more specific? When you say it “works in some aspects and does not in some others” and “detects our 300gb drive” what do you mean? Why be so cryptic?

    Can you read the filesystem from your external drive? Have you managed to play any media from the drive? What kind of a process i required to mount/unmount the drive – is it fully automatic?

    I’m not bashing – just want to know more info and whether you think this patch in its current state is at all useful?



  • AppleTV4Life

    What ? Wasn’t the student done with his Patch ?

  • luck

    OK, since you want to know.

    Here’s how the patch currently works. When you first attach the external drive to the Apple TV, the patch copies all the files from the internal drive to the external one. From that point on, Apple TV utilizes the external drive instead of the internal one. You can now play the media right from the external drive. The problem is in the syncing. It doesn’t seem to copy the new media to the usb drive.

    Again, this was quite an engineering feat achieved by the submitter to get it working to this point. We are sure he will get this ironed out soon.

  • Ok, well that sounds like one important part has been accomplished: the ability to connect an external hdd to the usb port.

    If this is in fact true, then solutions like ATVFiles would now be able to browse this drive and play the media.

    I feel you should split the bounty into two parts – the first being just reading/writing to an ext hdd via usb, and the second being more of the seamless solution you are looking for.

    Enabling usb hdd means that right now, today, I could plug in my media drive and (via ATVFiles) view movies etc.

  • Presumably this also means that with the current state of this hack it wouldn’t be out of the question to plug in my external USB DVD drive and play DVDs via VLC plugin… That’d be quite nice too.

  • Fredrik

    Wouldn’t it be possible to modify this patch so it goes the other way around, to copy stuff from an external drive to the internal. i.e Quicktime plug-ins, perl scripts to start sshd etc.

    For me that would be the perfect solution to add the stuff Apple hasn’t.

    Then you don’t need anything else, you get your xvid movies downloaded via iTunes(I just fake the file type to get iTunes to accept it and sync it) and with the patch the enable the Apple TV to play them.

  • To the patch developer: would you please release the part of the code that enables a usb hdd – as noted in the comments above, this opens up several options for playing external media etc…

  • Moduz

    Question… Can you move content to the drive via your computer’s usb port and then plug it back into the appletv and play it?

  • undue

    It seems like these bounties hinder development.. I mean everyone is afraid to share information. Kinda sux

  • Moduz

    Which is why I think that we should all agree to divide up the bounty. I mean it is really simple there are 8 requirements of the bounty, so for each requirement that is met the hack submitter should receive 1/8th of the $1000 or $125. If you only meet a portion of one of the requirements then the powers that be would decide how much of the $125 you should get for your contribution, and it would be non-negotiable. That way progress, and more importantly users, wouldn’t be hindered by the development process.

    And appletvhacks users wouldn’t be stuck using 40 gig drives or paying out the wazoo for 125gig internal drives, while the testers are taking their time testing tb drives… I don’t mean to be a ‘flamer’ or whatever, but if someone else releases enough of the hack to do what I want it to do before you guys do, then ceases to be useful.

  • LapinouUK

    I’ve got to agree, it has been stated that there is now a known method to mounting external USB drives onto the AppleTV. Because of the bounty this information has not been released into the wider community, just those ‘testers’.
    It all seems very counterproductive, a reward supposed to encourage community development of the AppleTV is actually having having the opposite effect.
    Why not get this sorted out, or if not, get out of the way

  • I’ve been itching to plug in a USB hard drive since April – the bounty may be a nice idea to reward enterprising hackers, but its been almost a month now since the entry was submitted – leaving readers increasingly frustrated at the apparent non-progress and lack of transparency.

    I agree that it is time to release this hack, and like the suggestions above of splitting the bounty. That way the coder gets their reward, and it gets a community of coders looking at resolving the syncing issue, which should speed things up.

    The other option of course would be for the coder to just ask for PayPal donations, releasing the hack once the $1000 mark has been reached! You could probably make more money that way… I’d personally pledge $100 in that case! 10% there!

  • OK appletvhacks – you’ve heard the community – now it’s your move.

    Please release details on how to connect a usb HDD to the atv.

    The community eagerly awaits your response….

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