iTunes 7.3 lets you stream photos to your Apple TV

by editor @ on June 29, 2007

iTunes 7.3

iTunes 7.3 is now available for download. Curiously enough, the new features are mainly for a little-known device called the iPhone (never heard of it). The new iTunes also lets you share photos from your computer wirelessly with Apple TV.

We haven’t tried the photo sharing feature out yet. Let us know how you like it.

  • I’m Confused

    To be honest, I can’t figure how to stream my photos. Somebody? Anybody?

  • nilo

    Select “Sources” then your computer. The “Photos” menue there is new I guess, and those photos are being streamed. Before the update, the “Photos” menue only appeared in the main menue.

  • AppleTV

    Pretty tight! The AppleTV just gets more updated by time. I Cant wait till i get mine! ;D

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  • Jeff

    Okay so I bypassed all the long lines for the iphone and went into the apple store and bought an apple tv today. My plan is to run it off an old powerbook I have. Is there any problem with straming everything rather then syncing?

  • Guillaume

    Okay the new 7.3 let’s you stream your photos but still does not let you use these photo in the screen saver a when you sync… Hope this will be in next release!

  • Roger

    All the “Apple said”s are not very helpful. Has anyone figured out if you actually can stream photos? I can’t see where it shows up and their help is not very helpful on this point.

    Where’s the beef?

  • Sheen

    It doesn’t seem to work for me. I set iTunes 7.3 for streaming photos BUT my Apple TV kept telling me that my iTunes is not set to stream photos.

    It is either because I did the “safe update” or this feature is actually not working.

    Has anyone gotten it to work properly?

  • Guillaume

    It works fine on mine.
    You have to go in your device list in iTunes, then click on your Apple TV.
    On the right side, click on photos and select the folder you want to stream.
    It should work.

  • Dan

    I couldn’t get this to work for awhile. Apple TV said (under “Photos” in the streamed iTunes menu) that I needed to adjust a setting in iTunes. I looked *everywhere* and couldn’t find anything.

    The setting doesn’t exist. I just restarted iTunes, and that did the trick. I’m guessing there’s a bug in the sequence it follows to detect photos when you start up iTunes 7.3 for the first time.

  • Tim

    Make sure in iPhoto you have sharing enabled just as in iTunes 🙂

  • Johan

    The main problem with streaming of photos is that you try it on the computer that’s SYNCRONIZING photos. Turn syncronizing OFF and start all over with STREAMING to the same computer. The settings will appear…like magic.

  • Andre

    I am still trying to stream photos and unable to do it. However, I have a problem that comes before that: How do I load the photos to iTunes? Should I see a “Photos” item in my library, such as I see mUsic, Movies, etc…I have tried a number of ways; adding folder, adding files, importing, etc…but nothing seems to create a Photos folder in my library nor do my photos load anywhere in iTunes. Tks for the help.

  • Sheen

    OK, I’ve finally gotten it to work.

    First off, a brief rundown of what my issue was. I did the “safe update” patch as opposed to the regular software 1.1 update. This is because I didn’t want to redo all my hacks (such as SSH, ATVFiles, etc.) Everything worked well until I want to take advantage of photo streaming in iTunes 7.3. I got iTunes 7.3 to set for photo streaming. But, Apple TV refused to to recognize this feature.

    The Fix?

    We need to replace iPhotoAccess.framework from the update 1.1.

    The “safe update” I am talking about is

  • Sheen

    The actual fix is:

    In other words, replace iPhotoAccess.framework with the new one from software update 1.1.

  • felercarbnaysay

    I’m becoming less and less impressed with my AppleTV every day…

    First that useless YouTube feature and still no decent support for photos or internet radio.
    I have over 16,000 photos organized by year/month in directories. Still no way to browse photos with AppleTV All my music and photos are on the same server. I’d like to be able to
    stream photos and keep music on the AppleTV hard drive. As far as I can tell, that’s imposible. And no, I don’t use iPhoto. I really don’t want to migrate 16,000 photos over to iPhoto.

  • jcs

    I too am less and less impressed with my AppleTV every day. Like felercarnaysay, I have tons of pictures organized by date and I do not use iPhoto. The photo sync feature is completely unreliable and streaming is not an option w/o iPhoto. The box at this point is just an overpriced MP3 player for iTunes on my TV’s speakers. I can’t even take advantage of the 160GB HDD for my music and photo collection and I really do not care to use it for video. I will likely return it and argue to not have to pay the “return fee” because the product is inherently defective as it does not do all what it is advertised to do.

    Agree as well the YouTube feature is anemic — I can’t search for content I know is there.

  • Johan

    YouTube content conversion is work in progress. They start with h.264 content from “the end” (the newest videos) and work through the material until they reach “the beginning”.

  • Sean

    If anyone just wants the ability to easily stream music from itunes on your laptop to your surround sound receiver just use an Airport express. It wont do video just music from itunes. It also functions as a print server, wireless router or wireless router extender. I paid for a top of the line HP wireless printer and could have just hooked up any usb ethernet printer to this airport express. I use my Xbox 360 and Windows media connect for wireless photo and video sharing from my Viao to my entertainment center. You select media folders to share and use your xbox to view photos and watch videos wireless. It works very well for photo slideshows but I have not tried it for video yet.

  • klaus deckner

    how can I transfer my photos from my computer on my apple-tv?
    Thank You K.D.

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