State of the USB Bounty

by editor @ on June 24, 2007

We know that all of you are waiting impatiently for the result.  Rest assured that we are working hard on this.

The entry is being veified by indepedent testers at the moment.  We would like to be as thorough as possible.  When they are finished with the verification, we will upate you on it.

Thank you for your patience.

We are still working with the submitter to work out some problems we encountered while testing the patch. Thanks again for you patience.

  • A little O/T, but has anyone managed to netboot apple TV? I found few articles of people trying, but never seen followups. Unfortunately I can’t get aTV right now, otherwise I’d be playing and trying netbooting it myself.

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  • Is there anymore information about how this hack will work? Will it replace the “frontrow” mount with the USB attached hard drive? Will this hard drive be available on the network?

    Sorry for all of the questions… Let’s just say that I’m one of the impatient ones 🙂

  • C.Greene

    Suppose one were to install this hack and had external hard drive failure. Would the AppleTV still work with the internal hard drive or would you have to re-hack it to work properly?

  • davilla

    If your sumbitter is the same person as Nightwatch on the forum, can you ask him about the linux analog audio patch he’s sitting on. It would be real nice to have.

  • luck

    mayo, regarding netboot. I don’t have information on that right now. But that’s a great idea. I will attempt to find some more information on that.

    Rick, the way the hack should work is that the usb drive would act as primary storage for the Apple TV. However, the boot drive is still the internal drive inside the Apple TV. Will the hard drive be available on the network? I think that depends on the setup of your hacked Apple TV. But as far as the patch goes, there is no mention in the rules about making it available on the network.

    C.Greene, you have a good point. I guess it can be one of the test scenarios we can use. Just unplug the usb drive and see if the Apple TV falls back to use the internal drive as primary storage.

    davilla, the submitter is not the same person as Nightwatch.

    Thank you guys for writing.

  • Patrick W.

    I’m the submitter, and let me correct Luck: I am indeed the same person as Nightwatch. 🙂

    Thanks for your interest in the audio patch… should be motivation to getting to work on polishing it. I’m going to submit it to ALSA, so I’d like it to be “kernel quality” as it were.

  • luck

    Man, sorry about that, Patrick. I should have checked with you first.

  • davilla

    Patrick W, if you want private tester for your patch, that I can do. I’m doing various linux kernel debugging regarding linux on the AppleTV. Target is MythTV frontend viewing 1080i MPEG2 content. Some issues but it does have the ponies with nvidia hardware assist. Now if I could just get the nvidia chipset to come up as X16 instead of X2 on pci-express, I’d be a happy camper.

    Also I just poped a guide for formating all the AppleTV partition formats all under linux, no OSX required. see the awkwardtv forums.

    Good luck on the bounty.

  • davilla

    Patrick W, that would be great. There are others out there who would like the get audio from the analog output. I’m able to private test your patch. I’m doing linux kernel hardware debugging to solve various issues with linux on the AppleTV. The target is a MythTV frontend decoding 1080i HD content and it does it quite well despite the nvidia running at pci-express X2 instead of X16 like it should.

    Good luck with the bounty.

  • davilla

    silly comment engine, I thought that first post failed.

  • spids

    If we are using the AppleTV for network storage for long periods of time would it over heat?

  • Moduz

    Ok it has been a week and I would assume it hasn’t been debunked, so to quote Teddy KGB from rounders, “Pay him… Pay that man his money.”

  • Maak3

    I guess we’ll have to wait another several months for this to be updated!

  • Warmingup

    I at first I thought that this would be a really great Hack….especially as I rushed in and got a teenie weenie 40Gb version….but now I find that streaming from my iMac (500Gb) is pretty much perfect….(Wireless at home) so I have adequate storage anyway……still fascinated to give it a try though…….


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