PC Magazine review Apple TV

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on March 22, 2007

PCmag.com has posted and extensive review of the Apple TV. The awarded Apple’s latest toy 4 / 5 stars, and even took it head to head with an XBox 360.

Their main gripe isn’t with the hardware, but with the cost of content from iTunes:

I think Apple TV is a fantastic product—but I won’t be buying one until I can watch movies with it for less than the price of going to see one in the theaters.

It’s worth pointing out that there are alternatives to buying your Apple TV content on iTunes; and as time progresses we imagine there will be more and more sources for Apple TV content. We hope to keep track of these sources via our content category.

  • Sloan

    I guess the author at PCmag.com is a lonely person. Here in Philadelphia if you go to the movies it costs $9.oo / $10.00… I like to go with my girlfriend so that jumps the price up to about $20.00. Popcorn etc… You get the point. This guy is lonely and cheap! (chuckle)

  • Nick

    Not to mention, you are “buying the movie” not renting or watching it once. Someone should inform the author at pcmag, that means you get to keep it forever, and you can watch it as many times as you like. I’m sure a rental program from itunes would be alot cheaper, or a pay-per view. And i’m pretty sure that’s cheaper than buying a dvd of new release at even a big box store…

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