First Apple TV accessories coming soon?

by editor @ on March 22, 2007

Wired have a story about the as yet unusued USB port seen on the back of the Apple TV. From the article:

Apple TV is all shiny and wonderful and hard to find, but it does have a few shortcomings, such as hard drive too small to hold more than a few HD movies.

Apple bloggers and analysts suspect that may not be a problem for long, noting the as-yet unitilized USB port on the set-top box and recent talks between Apple and Miglia, which makes a variety of TV and VoIP accessories for Macs and PCs.

All the Miglia products have disappeared from the Apple Store, so it seems something could be in the works. Rumors are abound.

  • Jason

    I wouldn’t count on Apple doing a deal with a company that allows you to download and save content for free.

    They more than likely took it off their site so more people will buy their tv shows from iTunes. Why should they encourage sales of a device that allows customers to record and save content for free.

    Put yourself in Apple’s shoes, would you like it if people could just “Tivo” their favorite shows and save them easily into iTunes library or would you want people to make purchases of tv shows and movies?

    Don’t count on Apple coming out with any product or service that will take sales away from iTunes. But wouldn’t it be great if they did!!!!

  • ch

    Remember last week when Miglia announced they hadn’t renewed their EyeTV licence? If they had an exclusive deal with Apple to interface their hardware through BackRow, they wouldn’t need EyeTV anymore. If Apple does introduce their own PVR software, I sure hope they don’t limit it to the TV.

  • Enable TV Recording in AppleTV

    The Elgato Systems USB eyeTV Hybrid device allows you to record TV directly on your Mac.

    Has anyone adapted this product to use the AppleTV as a TiVo type recorder ?

  • Bobj

    Miglia announced last week that they were bundling some new software from equanox. I’m not at all familiar with the company, but first glance it’s not nearly as good as EyeTV.
    Seems like the speculation about Apple and Miglia is all based on Elgato dumping Miglia Miglia due to Miglia getting Apple support. Now that Miglia has someone new no-name for software, it seems this specualtion now has no basis.

  • I count this as accessories Nice bracket to AppleTV

  • You will soon be able to count the CinnaMount TV in that list. The page is not up yet since the product is not ready to ship, but should be available in may or june.

  • How about a Blu Ray/DVD player?

  • pitogo

    It would be nice to combine Apple TV with an HD tuner and elgato software for DVR, ATSC and QAM. My hunk of junk Sony DHG-HDD500 is driving my crazy.

  • Also fairly important is this S-Video to Component adapter that allows people who only have S-Video In to use the AppleTV.

  • This is old news, it supports a lot of standard options people now want to their tv.

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